After two years of feedback with professional athletes we are proud to bring you the AIRhub PRO.

Designed for riding in bad weather with simple consistent operation. A single switch at the axle controls 2 different levels of resistance. No Bluetooth. No Smartphones. Just next level training.

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2 Simple Modes
Dynamic Resistance
2 Second Setup
No Noise


A single switch on the AIRhub controls 3 different levels of resistance.
No Bluetooth. No Smartphones. Just next level training.

Level 1

1 watt
per kilometer/hour.

level 2

2 watts
per kilometer/hour.


No resistance.


Just like Spandex, the AIRhub Pro was designed so that you feel nothing at all.
It allows a step-up in training without the thought. Designed in a way that you forget it is even on. It is a beautifully stiff wheel combined with the ability to apply adjustable silent resistance.

We know the human body is very poor at exact measuring. It can only compare the difference between things, for example, if something is say, lighter or heavier, or hotter or colder than normal. The AIRhub Pro works by resetting your body's comparing sensor.

What if you got on your bike every day and were just better? The same you, same rides, same coach, only 10% fitter. Over time the resistance in your legs fades away, pushing you to a new level of performance without even realising it.
This is hacking human performance beyond anything we see today.


The athletes that helped us design the AIRhub Pro are the top of the top. These are the guys finishing at the pointy end of the hardest races on the planet.

From the Paris Roubaix to the Tour de France. When you are training to be the best you need a riding experience beyond what the roads of this planet can offer. They need to ensure that every time they get on their bike each pedal stroke is working harder than their competitor.

Mountains mean nothing when you've spent your entire life riding with extra resistance.


The AIRhub Pro adds resistance based on speed. The faster you go the more resistance is applied.
Level 1 adds 1 watt of resistance per Kilometer/hour. Level 2 adds 2 watts per kilometer/hour. 2 watts per kmh equates to a 1% grade on every road. 


The AIRhub Pro is designed to make you a better you. With the slightest increase in resistance you will begin to see monthly gains in average riding power.
We recommend a slow progression from no resistance, to Level 1 and on to Level 2. As with all training, progressive overload is key. The progressive loading from increasing your average riding power is massive. While you barely notice it at the time, by the end of the week you will feel like you have spent every day in the gym.

You need to be wise and accept that training adaptations are slow. If you want to keep doing 20 to 25hrs per week of training, you need at least 3 months of uninterrupted Level 1 riding before progressing to Level 2.
If you do decide to go straight to Level 2, you may want to reduce your weekly training hours by up to 25%.

A word of warning. The long term adaptations from riding with the AIRhub Pro are so massive that pushing yourself to adapt too fast will leave you shattered. Now that your environment can adapt as you do, your potential is limitless. Use careful consideration and wisdom to plan out how you will now take on the world.


Now that your training rides can be as hard as you want them to be, a world of possibilities opens up.

ProTour athletes are using the AIRhub Pro to carry out their sponsorship ride obligations or to ride with friends or family on recovery days. Now you can too! Every day can be an opportunity for quality training, no matter who you're riding with.