The AIRhub™ is the first and only on-road resistance training system in the world. The AIRhub™ allows you to shape your terrain, giving you back control out on the open road. Train solo or in a group and get the exact workout you need. Add your preferred amount of watts or use real-time metabolic feedback. The AIRhub™ automatically regulates resistance and keeps you in the perfect training zone. It is precision training as you have never seen it.

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100 watt Resistance 
Ultralight 1.5 kgs* 
5 Second Setup
Reduced ON-road speeds


There are no shortcuts to improving cycling strength. If you want to be the best, you need to train harder than your competitors. The AIRhub™ provides stronger, more targeted and efficient training rides.

The AIRhub™ uses increased and targeted resistance to deliver progressive training adaptation. This smart resistance allows you to improve faster and hit specific training goals - when you want, where you want.


The AIRhub™ is a precision electromagnetic braking system. It is contained within a hub that fits into your front forks, just like a normal bicycle wheel. Our patented resistance technology affords you unprecedented control of your training environment. We’ve made it user-friendly and simple to control through our free Smartphone app. The AIRhub™ is easy to travel with and much lighter than a normal stationary trainer*. Train out on the open road; where you want to be.

Developed over four years with a focus on simplicity for the rider, our design is self powered with no batteries or need for replacement parts. 


Your smartphone acts as the brain of the AIRhub™, precisely controlling every action it makes. We've created a number of modes to create the perfect training conditions to suit your ride. The AIRhub™ does all the hard work, leaving you to focus on your riding.

For more information about training with the AIRhub™ click below.

Training modes


The AIRhub™ changes the road you ride on by simulating drag forces; much like climbing a hill. Our test riders have found a 10% to 15% improvement in riding power with no additional effort. Results come quicker and easier just by changing the way you ride.

Manual Mode

Through our smartphone application you can control the AIRhub™. Add up-to 100 watts to your training while riding. Lower your speed to increase safety and accommodate other riders.

Heart Rate Mode

The AIRhub™ listens to your heart rate and can apply resistance in real time to keep you at your specified zone. Pick a target heart rate and the AIRhub™ will automatically modify resistance to keep you there. In a big group the AIRhub™ will keep your heart rate up when everyone else is slacking off, it will then drop resistance when you charge to the front. 

CdA Mode

Increase your Coefficient of Drag to simulate the headwinds. Make adjustments in real time. This can help maintain your threshold and increase climbing ability.

Power Mode

Link your power meter to the AIRhub App for the most advanced training in existence. Once you have selected a training power in the app the AIRhub will automatically regulate loads to hold your exact training wattage. Marginal Gains on every ride.

QuadLock Phone Mount
Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor


André Greipel

Tour de France stage winner.
Professional athlete for Lotto - Soudal

"The AIRhub is great to train slower with my friends."


Professional Athlete for Dimension - Data

"It's similar to an ergo, a real smooth ergo. It's a constant resistance and not jumpy at all. I like to use the AIRhub on the 'Watts' mode, that way I can play about with the power a bit to put me just at the right level."
"When I take out the AIRhub it feels like someone is pushing me along."

Adam Hansen

Professional Athlete for Lotto - Soudal.

As a professional, it’s a bit hard to ride with others because everyone is different – everyone has different speed and strengths and ideas of what they want to do when they’re riding. Basically, I just added 80 watts resistance to the AirHub. I was riding with a group of friends and they were going hard on climbs… and I confess: I was struggling to keep up!


Brad Hall

Cycling Coach

"The device takes the quality of indoor training outdoors. Resistance units enable far better prescription of exercise intensity based on individual physiology. This is why I recommend the AIRhub to anyone wanting to improve as it enables one to do so, ‘without any junk miles’. Easy to use and program, the device is a must for any ability athlete wanting to take their fitness to the next level, and fast."

Angus Burrell

Cycling Coach

"Since testing the AIRhub on varied terrains and courses I have noticed the worth of this system as a training tool for both coaches and athletes. I have found the hub particularly useful for Time Trial training at lower, safer speeds. Coaching at FTP Training, an idea we have always embraced is Quality VS Quantity. For the modern time-crunched cyclist this is a tool that can very easily increase training quality increasing the bang for buck of your training."

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